You may enter any rodeo or all rodeos.  HOWEVER, once you enter (a rodeo or event) YOU CAN NOT CHANGE OR DELTE THE ENTRY.  That can only be done by calling Shelly during call-in times, TUESDAY 6-7 AM, to make changes or draw out.  IF YOU DO NOT CALL SHELLY during that time frame then YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL FEES associated with the online entry you made.  PLEASE be sure you want to enter before you confirm the online entry.
Type you name in the search bar and click your name when it appears.  If your name does not appear please recheck the spelling.  If it still does not appear call Shelly Thompson at 308-430-3440.

If you would like updates and important information texted to you Please go to the facebook page.

High School State Finals Fee's are due PRIOR to State Finals. Please be sure that you check the State Finals Info Tab on the website